College Student Crusades For White Student Union, Says ‘White Culture Is Dying’ (VIDEO)

Photo of Matt Heimbach dressed in a confederate army uniform, with his African American friend.

What, ME racist? But I’ve got a black friend, see? And my man just LOVES a man in (confederate) uniform. Photo from Matt Heimbach’s Twitter profile, which describes him as a member of “Maryland League of the South, member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and proud defender of liberty.” Heimback swears he’s not a white supremacist, but sounds an awful lot like one.

21-year-old Matt Heimbach is making headlines for attempting to launch a White Student Union at Towson University near Baltimore, MD. Raw Story reports that the chunky campus whacktivist keeps whining about how “white culture is dying,” while “every other single group has a union — Jewish, black. Why don’t white students get equal treatment?”

Heimbach even has the nerve complain that “we live on a campus where there is discrimination against whites,” because of his school’s affirmative action programs. This, in spite of the facts that 2010 US Census data shows that the city of Baltimore. MD is 63.6% black, while Towson University’s student body is 68% white, according to Forbes Magazine. Heimbach’s persecution complex may also have something to do with the faculty advisor who backed out of his previous “Youth for Western Civilization” group, because it promoted “a supremacist kind of agenda,” according to the university’s Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Diversity Victor Collins.

Campus groups require a faculty advisor in order to be officially recognized by the university. Given the angry student petitions circulating, and Heimbach’s previous group’s habit of inviting “racial realism” proponent Jared Taylor to speak, official recognition for the new group is unlikely to be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post’s Mark Hanrahan describes Heimbach’s recent appearance on a HuffPost Live panel hosted by Marc Lamont Hill with other guests, Taylor, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lecia Brooks; Harvard student Julian Lewis; and Lehigh University Professor James Peterson. Hembach argued that there is “an inherent anti-white bias in academia,” and that whites should be allowed to “organize for their own best interest.” Brooks cogently objected that the difference between Heimbach’s group and other cultural groups is that Heimback seeks to “defend what you think you are losing. Whereas people of color or other marginalized groups organize around a common interest.”

Here’s the video from HuffPost Live (this article continues below):

Unlike Heimbach, I — and many other folks hailing from ‘white culture’ (whatever that may be) — have understood from an early age that white people don’t GET to complain about not being ‘represented.’ Cultural education and advocacy groups exist precisely because whites are already OVER-represented in our culture. All the advantages I grew up with are a direct result of my predecessors not having to compete against the Native Americans whom we forced out; the African-Americans whom we forced in; and the various waves of immigrants — including Chinese, Jews of various nationalities, Japanese, and non-English whites like the Irish, Italians, Polish, Puerto Ricans, and (currently) Mexicans — we’ve discriminated against and (often) continue discriminating against.

And What IS, ‘White Culture,’ Exactly?

As a (mostly) White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) kid growing up in an ethnically and religiously mixed suburb of New York City, I remember having to ask myself that question every time my teachers held “multicultural day” parties in our elementary school classrooms. Our assignments were to write a report on our ancestors and countries of origin, wear traditional costumes, and bring in a favorite dish.

While my Jewish, Puerto Rican, Irish, Filipino, African-American, Polish, Iranian, and Italian friends — and their families — bustled with excitement, I came up blank. What’s a WASP gal to do? My Puritan ancestors arrived in New England in the 1600’s with their dull, gray, homespun clothes, staid work ethic, and grim religion. Sepia-toned photographs of their austerely stoic 19th-century descendants gazed at me reproachfully … perhaps, as I imagined, because they sniffily disapproved of my mom and dad moving to the decadent, and slightly milder, Metro New York area. If they could suck it up and brave the bleak, frigid New England winters for 400 years, who were we to move away? Even my Irish and Russian Jewish ancestors arrived fairly early and did everything possible to erase their origins and “pass” as Anglo.

I intuitively understood that dressing in frumpy LL Bean clothes and bringing in scallops wrapped in bacon, bologna roll-ups, and a shaker full of dry martinis would not cut the mustard, and opted for the pilgrim outfit and pumpkin pie instead. At least the ingredients for pumpkin pie are kosher and halal.

It’s hard to say what ‘white culture’ actually is, because — believe it or not — white people are as diverse as any other races and ethnic groups, even though we all look the same. Furthermore, it’s hard to say how many of us white people are entirely ‘white,’ given all the historic evidence of different races mixing it up, and the various antebellum designations for white and black combinations alone — which included quadroon (1/4th black), octaroon (1/8th black), and “high-yaller” (fair-skinned blacks who couldn’t quite pass for white).

Below are three possible definitions for “white culture,” and I also encourage readers to chime in via the facebook and/or Addicting Info comment sections below, so I can add the best responses to this (or a future) article:

Dukes of Hazzard promo shot

‘Cause drivin’ crazy in a car that’s named after secessionist General Lee, decked out with the terrorist flag of a defunct racist nation is jes’ clean, family fun for us good ol’ boys. Yeeeeeeee-HAH!’ Photo from Dukes of Hazzard (Season 1) DVD set.

White Culture, Definition #1: For folks like Matt Heimbach, ‘white culture’ apparently means confederate flags; white supremacy; individual and State ‘rights’ for bullying and discriminating against others who don’t share one’s beliefs, religion, or sexual orientation; AND the dubious ‘freedom’ to abuse others, wreck the environment, hunt animals (and people) to extinction, and to prosper at the expense of people regarded as lesser than you.

Hey! Let’s buy MORE STUFF! Vintage 50’s ad from Flickr Hive Mind.

White Culture, Definition #2: For advertisers and marketers, ‘white culture’ means aspirational consumption, clean floors and countertops, white teeth, toned bodies, perpetual status insecurity, eternal youth, sleek technology, over-sized vehicles and appliances, and thick, shiny hair that goes *bounce,* *flounce,* and catches the light.

Adam and Eve landscape with couple in yuppie clothes, SUV, a laptop, trowel, and gourmet coffee.

Illustration from the cover of David Brooks’ 2010 best-seller, Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There.

White Culture, Definition #3: For me, ‘white culture’ means helicopter parenting; a semi-urban lifestyle; cultivating an eccentric yet socially acceptable persona (LOOK! I’m a smart, artsy, and quirky non-conformist just like everybody else!); a sense of thwarted entitlement and lost potential which has subsided into grim resignation (What? The choice to make less money doing something creative or socially significant as a career — but still have an economically secure middle-class lifestyle — no longer exists? Oh, crap!); and simultaneous contempt for and envy of the bourgeois Bohemians described in David Brooks’ hilarious (and for many, painfully true) 2010 best-seller, Bobos In Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There.

What does ‘white culture’ mean to you? Please tell me, via the comments section below, so I can add the best ones to this article … or a new one. Thank you..


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