Jon Stewart Mocking Fox News ‘War On Christmas’ Funny With Deep Message (VIDEO)

It is easy to dismiss Jon Stewart as simply a funny satirist or a funny comedian. In a country where we are about to go off a “fiscal cliff” we concern ourselves with Princess Kate being pregnant or Brad Pitt’s long ago affair with Robin Givens. We have reached the point that we have to be entertained to be informed or for that matter misinformed.

What is really sad is that the mainstream media and news media have found the formula. Keep our attention with a ribbon on the screen that periodically “BREAK NEWS”, then cut to commercial, and then come back knowing that the gullible peons will be there waiting for more. While they are waiting, Nielsen is rating.

Right on cue, Fox News found its yearly war, “The War On Christmas”. All the necessary graphics are all prepackaged and ready to apply to any corner of America, however big or small, that may question any display, song, or law that may somehow touch on the Christmas narrative. They then present characters that are angry with righteous indignation and ready to ensure that viewer see that “The War On Christmas” is being led by those Liberals. It designed to make sure that the hate for anything Liberal remains primed.

Jon Stewart does a great job of pointing out the absurdity of the war. But most importantly he shows that while Fox News must find this fictional war like one would find a needle in a haystack, Christmas surrounds us all both physically and on the airwaves non-stop for over a month. One would think that the war on Christmas is in fact being waged by its secularization given that it now bears little resemblance to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is much more in line with a big long sale and party being held by the Pharisees.

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