Romney Continues Sad Descent, Spotted Shopping At Costco, Buying Made In China Toys (IMAGE)

Author: December 5, 2012 6:20 pm

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Look,  it’s D.B .Cooper on casual Friday. No, it’s just forlorn and despondent, bored multi-millionaire Mitt Romney being a member of the 47 percent

Ever since that one scary New Black Panther denied him his birthright to be president, Captain Capitalist has been seen pumping his own gas and now going on a frugal shopping spree at Costco. Seeing Romney without his hair-gel is like seeing a Hollywood actress without her make-up, but such is life when you’re an ordinary, unemployed millionaire son of a powerful ex Governor.

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Romney didn’t get the memo that the every-man photo-op is what you do before a major election. 


Among some of sad Romney’s purchases were paper plates, Dixie cups, wrapping paper, paper towels (perhaps to clean up all of Ann’s tears?), V8 juice drinks, pretzel snacks, Bisquick and bottled water. But also among the seemingly mundane purchases was a to model car made by the Maisto company, which is pretty interesting considering that all their products are manufactured in China. And Romney, during one of his many downloading hiccups, roundly criticized China on the campaign trail and accused them of manipulating their currency and stealing manufacturing jobs. Look. we all buy crap made in China–albeit reluctantly–so maybe if Romney engaged in this type of honest and conventional behavior on the campaign trail, he would be preparing binders full of women for his Cabinet, instead of say shopping for paper towels at Costco.

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