Where In The World Is Governor Jan Brewer?

Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has gone missing, as of Sunday night. According to a poster making the Facebook rounds, there’s a movement afoot for her not to be returned if found.

An inquiry made to the governor’s office by the Associated Press affirmed that Brewer has left the state for a week, from last Sunday until next Saturday, on official business. Her spokesman, Matthew Benson, wrote in an email, “That is all I can disclose at this time.”

Democrats are annoyed that the governor chose to leave the day before Arizona’s election results were finally certified. After the interminable delay in finalizing the results, there was some feeling that Brewer could at least have shown up for the ceremony. State representative Chad Campbell said:

“It is disappointing that the state’s top elected official seems to have such little interest in the results of this election.”

Speculation is running rampant about what Brewer is actually doing, though she did reportedly show up at Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland on Monday to meet with a wounded soldier. But she might also be hiding out from angry Dream Act kids who just filed suit because she forbade the state from issuing driver’s licenses to them, singling them out from among other undocumented immigrants with workers’ permits who have been given licenses. Or perhaps she’s conferring with high-powered lawyers to figure out how to get around the Arizona State Constitution–the part that clearly says:

“No member of the executive department shall hold that office for more than two consecutive terms. This limitation on the number of terms of consecutive service shall apply to terms of office beginning on or after January 1, 1993. No member of the executive department after serving the maximum number of terms, which shall include any part of a term served, may serve in the same office until out of office for no less than one full term.”

Brewer became governor when former Gov. Janet Napolitano went to Washington D.C. with the Obama administration, leaving an unfinished term. Brewer then was elected to a second term in 2010. Since, she has made statements on more than one occasion that she could indeed run for a third term.

In her absence, Secretary of State Ken Bennett is the acting governor. Although Bennett signed the election documents on Monday, he doesn’t foresee having any other duties this week. Of course, last time he filled in, he tried to dump the chairwoman of the state redistricting commission–an act that was overturned by the state supreme court. And between then and now, he went on a birther crusade to try and force Hawaii to turn over President Obama’s ‘real’ birth certificate.

As a matter of fact, Ken Bennett might be the only reason Arizona would be glad to welcome Jan Brewer back. He could very well be up to more mischief than she is.

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