Jon Stewart Grills Chris Christie On GOP Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Author: December 7, 2012 8:24 am

NJ Governor Chris Christie with Jon Stewart

The Governor of the Garden State, or simply “Hurricane Super Fleece,” brought his brash, Joisey-guy style to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Thursday night. Unlike the so-called “legit” journalists of the corporate MSM, who are more about the 5 RT’s than the 5 W’s, Jon always gets to the truth, and he uses informed respect and light-hearted levity to obtain it.

During the extended interview, we saw glimpses of the professional YouTube screamer that animated pre-Hurricane Christie and the softer and more reasonable, or “Humble” as Christie told Jon, governor following Superstorm Sandy. I really see two people existing inside of Christie (as much as I would love this to be a fat joke, I promise it’s not): one yearning to play the current game of brinkmanship and petty partisanship whilst playing to a crowd of paste-eating, misspelling morons in the tea party, and the other being a sensible and moderate Republican of the past who yearns to bring the Republican Party out of the mental asylum. Politics is all about appearances and perception, as well as saying or doing the right things in front of a vast tv/interweb viewing audience. Moreover, these guys are too fat or ugly to be actors. But Jon is too smart to allow scripted talking points and superficial equivocations, however amiable, to slip past him. After all, we comedians have the innate ability to call out BS before it happens and before anyone else can smell it.

After some jovial ribbing and repartee, Jon was ready to engage Christie. Regarding the glaring hypocrisy of begging for federal relief  while smacking Obama in the face over the State health care exchanges with the same hand, Jon asked the following:

“This is how I part ways with the Republican Party in an enormous way: If you have cancer and you don’t have health insurance, that’s your Hurricane Sandy, Stewart said to applause from the studio audience. He added:For the Republican Party, if it’s not something they personally need, it’s an entitlement of the 47 percent that are sucking things out of the government. But when they need, there’s all the reasons in the world it should be there.” (

Christie said the health care exchanges,which are designed to provide health insurance coverage and financial assistance for individuals and small businesses, will soon become the law of the land, whether it’s the state or the federal government running it. But Christie loudly asserted that he will not accept it until President Obama is more forthcoming about the costs.

Fair enough. But Stewart shot right back by suggesting that maybe President Obama was doing everything he could to provide Christie with the funds he needed for the Sandy clean-up, with Christie not being very specific on all the dollars and cents. Now, in the days before Sandy when Christie was Louis the 14th, such a bold challenge of logic would turn the governor into Bluto as he would reach cartoonish levels of red face. But Christie politely defended the Republican party.

Attempting to reject Stewart’s pretty freaking spot on characterization, Christie said  “People elect us to get things done, not just bloviate.”

Once again, Jon was able to get to the uncomfortable truth and do so using humor and informed respect.  And Christie was a good sport and managed to use his indoor voice the whole time. And hopefully this is the last positive thing I’ll have to write about Christie in a real long while.

Here’s the video:

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