Rachel Maddow Up For A Grammy – Fox News Calls Her A Cow (VIDEOS)

Now, this might come as a surprise for you, but the right-wing pundits in this country do not like Rachel Maddow. She is an independent, successful, charismatic, funny, popular, lesbian. Only if she was a member of the Islamic faith (she actually was raised Roman Catholic) could they hate her any more. So, when the announcement for the next Grammy award nominees came out, Fox News spared no time in putting out this headline (note, there is no cropping or editing, in order to avoid any claims of alteration by the thin-skinned):

Are the people who write Fox News headlines 8? “Rachel Madd-Cow?” A 5th grader can come up with something better. This is a playground insult, and completely unprofessional for any company to endorse.

One might chalk it up to poor sportsmanship, as none of Fox News’ talking heads are up for an award. Perhaps if Bill O’Reilly didn’t stretch the truth in Killing Lincoln they might have had a shot. Instead, they’re left with childish insults and acting as general crybabies.

However, the singling out of Rachel Maddow is also a silent endorsement of other nominees for a Grammy this year. In the same category as Maddow, we find that she is up against Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, and Janis Ian, all very capable, powerful and eloquent speakers. It is not as if Rachel is a shoe-in here, so there is no point to the insult.

And looking over other entries on the list, and Fox’s silence on it, does this indicate support for Marilyn Manson, a priest in the Church of Satan, who is nominated in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for this song, titled No Reflection?

Which is going against hits like this from the siblings in Halestorm, “Love Bites,” very conservative values:

But no, Fox News focuses all of the attention on the fact that their talking heads are not Grammy-level material, while MSNBC had one of its hosts nominated. This is petty behavior from the company which is finding itself ever more left behind as the “angry white man” demographic ages and vanishes.