Pro-Choice Agenda And Gays Responsible For War On Christmas (VIDEO)


What do godless heathens, homosexual individuals and those who are pro-choice have in common? They’re all responsible for this heinous war on Christmas, says Bill O’Reilly and the guests on his show a couple of days ago. Bill O’Reilly has insisted on pushing the War on Christmas during every one of his shows this December it seems, and his accusations have been somewhat offensive and occasionally downright silly. This one seems to be a little bit of both.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Mediaite:


Is it just me, or does it seem like they’re getting a tad desperate; grasping at straws? They seem to have fully forgotten about all the Christian denominations that completely support being pro-choice — as well as individuals who do within denominations that don’t — and same-sex rights (otherwise known as equal rights; you know, that funny little word equality).

This comment comes from an article covering the fictional War on Christmas, and explains how it isn’t real (well, the O’Reilly vision of it certainly isn’t) in an extremely apt way:

Image captured on Think Progress

I have a sneaking suspicion there are thousands upon thousands of people attracted to the same sex that enjoy Christmas and, likely, millions of those “pushing a pro-choice agenda” that do the same. Bill O’Reilly’s latest bit of idiocy only serves to illustrate the chronic sickness of the conservative right — and that sickness is one of exclusiveness as opposed to inclusiveness. I, personally, am not a Christian — but I have studied Christianity, and I believe that Jesus would be appalled. Bill O’Reilly is a hate- and fear-monger, and makes his money by promoting a hateful agenda, which seems much worse than what he is accusing anyone else of. Especially during this particular holiday season. He should feel ashamed of himself.

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