GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Staff Using Personal Emails To Hide Communication

One of the recurring themes of GOP propaganda is that Obama is “secretive” and that he must be hiding something from the public. In other words, he can’t be trusted. Yet Republicans are quite fond of keeping their own correspondence conspicuously hidden. Mitt Romney spent tens of thousands of dollars to conceal his activites as governor of Massachusetts:

According to reports Romney’s staff purchased the hard drives of their state-issued computers and then proceeded to wipe out emails from state servers before signing a lease for new computers for the governor’s office, breaking a former lease and costing the state $97,000.

Former Romney representatives say the practice followed all proper uses of law and precedent however the former director of administration for the Governor’s office says the efforts to wipe out all forms of records was unprecedented in her 23 years of serving successive Governors.

Nothing suspicious about that at all. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, however, isn’t even waiting to leave office before hiding his shady dealings:

Top officials in Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration used personal email accounts to craft a media strategy for imposing hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid cuts – a method of communication that can make it more difficult to track under public records laws despite Jindal’s pledge to bring more transparency to state government.

Emails reviewed by The Associated Press reveal that non-state government email addresses were used dozens of times by state officials to communicate last summer about a public relations offensive for making $523 million in health care cuts. Those documents weren’t provided to AP in response to a public records request.

It’s not clear whether Jindal knew his staff was deliberately dodging public scrutiny but it’s seems unlikely he was ignorant of it. This is particularly true since, if Jindal was sincere in his claims of transparency, that ethic would be reflected throughout his administration.

Further, if Jindal doesn’t have anything to hide (hey, if the police can use that argument to strip our rights, we can use it, too!), he would immediately make those emails public. That he hasn’t raises the question of why he feels the need to conceal his administration’s work. Were his reasons for making those massive cuts based in ideology as opposed to what was best for the state? His refusal to implement Obamacare and the healthcare exchanges strongly suggests that, indeed, ideology is at play. Those emails may contain the kind of unguarded conversations that would answer that question. Probably not in Jindal’s favor but that would be the point of hiding them, or at least making them unavailable, in the first place, wouldn’t it?

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