Anti-Gay Boy Scouts Lose Another Major Donor

Merk logo with boy scout logo (with red circle and slash around it) and gay pride flag

Pharmaceutical company Merck announced last week that it would be suspending  funding to the Boy Scout of America until the organization stops discriminating against homosexuals.

From Merck’s press release:

December 5, 2012, Whitehouse Station, NJ – Merck Foundation has suspended all funding to the Boys Scouts of America (BSA).  The Merck Foundation will consider funding the BSA again when the organization’s inclusion criteria has been expanded.

The BSA’s policy of exclusion based on sexual orientation directly conflicts with the Merck Foundation’s giving guidelines.  The Foundation re-evaluated funding for the BSA when the organization restated its policy that excludes members on the basis of sexual orientation.  Merck Foundation has notified the BSA of this decision.

As part of the broader review of funding decisions in 2013, the Foundation is currently assessing all current and future funding commitments to ensure that it is not funding organizations with policies contrary to its own.

While Merck is no saint, it’s still a blow to BSA to keep losing high profile donors.

BSA recently re-evaluated its policy of pointless discrimination and, unfortunately, decided to keep treating homosexuals as “undesirable” based on their interpretation of religion, which is curious because the majority of America appears to have a different opinion going by the nation’s growing approval of same sex marriage. This puts the lie to the “America” in “Boy Scouts of America.” Perhaps they could change it to “Boy Scouts of Intolerance?”

In an ongoing effort by Zach Wahls, founder of Scouts for Equality, to get BSA to mend its ways, a new petition for Verizon to follow the lead of other major corporate donors such as Intel, UPS and now, of course, Merck is online at You can Sign it here. 

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