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  1. SickupandFed
    December 11, 2012

    BTW, if he has displayed courage in releasing classified material, he should have the same courage in accepting what comes with it. He wants to play your sympathies in order to escape punishment.

  2. SickupandFed
    December 11, 2012

    Manning is not a whistleblower. Because he was, and still is, in uniform he is subject to the UCMJ. He can and will RIGHTLY be considered a spy.

    He signed multiple documents promising to not do EXACTLY what he did. In this matter there can be no waver. He has to pay the price. Like it or not, he will be there for a long time. And he should be!

    I am not a con, rethug, or teabagger. I am former military. I signed the same documents. I did not break my pledge, just like MILLIONS of others who served. That is something that just is not done! You have no idea what info can get people killed, that’s one reason why you keep your trap shut. Manning did not.

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