Poll Findings Reveal: Santa’s A Democrat, Not A Republican, Say Registered Voters


Santa reading letters

Photo from Public Domain Clip Art blog.

Public Policy Polling just released their Holiday Poll. (No, I didn’t replace the word, ‘Christmas’ with ‘Holiday’ – that was the name of the poll – and Public Policy Polling isn’t engaging in the ‘War on Christmas’ – the poll covers other holidays as well.)

Of note, 500 people were polled and over half of those were over the age of 45. Democrats and Republicans were evenly split at 36% apiece, with Independent/Other rounding out the respondents.

By a 16% margin, poll respondents leaned toward Santa being a Democrat rather than a Republican, undoubtedly due to his generous nature. (Not sure that I agree with this consensus – Santa’s an old white guy, after all, so odds put him in the Republican camp. I guess I’d have to see his shop’s working conditions and how he treats his elves before settling on a verdict.) Regardless of Santa’s political affiliation, over half of respondents believe the “Fiscal Cliff” will force him to cut back on the goodies he’ll be bringing.

The poll revealed other interesting results as well, and they eerily reflect the 2012 election outcome.

For instance, 47% of respondents really and truly believe there’s a war on Christmas. (Seriously.) Oddly enough, that’s the precise percentage of votes received by presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election (and of course, we all know the other reason 47% is a significant number for Romney).

Additionally, 51% of respondents think Santa will be bringing Barack Obama gifts rather than coal this Christmas. Again, that’s the precise percentage of votes the President received in the 2012 election. (A greater number of respondents – 63% — thought Mitt Romney was more likely to get gifts than coal, perhaps out of consolation.)

“Spending time with family,” “cookies,” and watching the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life topped the lists of favorite holiday pastimes.

Grandma loses out big time this holiday season: 61% of respondents would not press charges against Santa if his reindeer ran her over, and the “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” song came in third place for Most Annoying Holiday Song, behind “The Chipmunk Song” and “Santa Baby.”

Some interesting comparisons in the poll:

  • Only 1 in 10 women said they would not be attending a worship service over the holidays, compared to 25% of the male respondents.
  • 3/5ths of women thought Obama would receive gifts rather than coal, compared to 2/5ths of men.
  • An almost-equal number of Democrats thought Obama would get gifts as Republicans thought he’d get coal (86% and 85% respectively).
  • Only 4% of Republican respondents celebrated a winter holiday other than Christmas, compared to 16% of Democrats.
  • 79% of Democrats thought Santa was a member of their party, compared to 61% of Republicans thinking Santa was a member of their party.
  • Republicans were three times more likely than Democrats to belive in the ‘war on Christmas.’
  • Democrats, by a 12-point margin, were more likely to turn Santa in for running over their grandmothers
  • Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to list It’s a Wonderful Life as their favorite movie, while Democrats preferred Miracle on 34th Street by a six-point margin.
  • Almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans listed Rudolph as their favorite holiday character, and more than four times as many Democrats preferred The Grinch.

Interestingly, over half the respondents reported that they believe in Santa (I’m assuming/hoping they meant ‘the spirit’ of Santa – it’s the 3% “not sure” vote that really scares me). The Easter Bunny lost out in the plausibility-of-existence vote, getting only 5% compared to Santa’s 52% and Leprechauns’ 19%.

“I’m sure Santa will be happy to know that the majority of Americans believe in him,” said Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam. “Now he just needs to give everyone a Hanukkah calendar in their stocking this year.”

Only one-third of respondents knew how many days Hanukkah lasts.

Click here for Public Policy Polling’s full report.