Nirvana Reunion With New Frontman For Benefit Concert Tonight

Tonight is the long anticipated benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. The lineup is filled with rock and roll as well as pop royalty, ranging from Alicia Keys to Eddie Vedder. It’s being broadcast to over a third of the globe live, and is expected to bring in a huge turnout of donations to help rebuild an area of the country still struggling after the devastation of the Hurricane, which hit in October. But the concert tonight has been virtually upstaged by just one element of the lineup.

Tonight, for the first time since the suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain, the revolutionary band Nirvana will take the stage. In tribute to their lost singer will stand one of rock’s highest royalty, and a man who at the age at 70 understands what it is like to lose close friends and bandmates, Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

The combination of the two may seem strange, but studying the bands history it is not as unusual as one might think. At the time Nirvana made its break through with their album Nevermind, many in the music community commented at the lead singer’s life story and its similarities with former Beatles frontman John Lennon. The tragic loss of Cobain itself was an eerie echo of the world’s loss of Lennon as well, 32 years ago this past Saturday.

It was a similar benefit concert which enabled the reuniting of legendary band Pink Floyd for a performance at Live 8 in 2005. The partnering of McCartney with Nirvana will be a performance long remembered, even as the damage done by Hurricane Sandy is repaired and memories of the tragedy are forgotten.

If you want to help donate to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, the concert promoters have set up this website where you can help.

See everyone tonight at the concert.