Obama: ‘What They’re Really Talking About Is The Right To Work For Less Money’ (VIDEO)

In Detroit on Monday, President Barack Obama strongly criticized the lame-duck action by Michigan Republicans which voted in favor of an anti-union “right-to-work” law last week. It’s due to be signed by Governor Rick Snyder this week. He could also choose to delay signing it, but that seems unlikely. This from the same Governor Rick Snyder who spoke publicly against “right-to-work” in Michigan as recently as February, but that was before wealthy donors/advertisers, such as Americans For Prosperity and The Mackinac Center, hit even harder on the state GOP to ram the legislation through. Union members, officers, activists, and Democrats from all over Michigan and surrounding states are gathering at the state capital in Lansing tomorrow to express their anger over this legislation. Obama described the bill being rushed through the Michigan legislature as political and part of a race to the bottom.

A very strong UAW state, last week UAW President Bob King had this to say about the law:

“Right-to-work is wrong for Michigan. Every right-to-work state has lower wages, lower benefits, less security for workers and more income inequality.”

It’s good to see President Obama back working people in the face of such class warfare. Watch the video [courtesy of YouTube]: