The David Pakman Show – Alabama Middle School Segregating Boys & Girls (VIDEO)

Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks on Current TV and at, joins David to discuss Huffman Middle School in Alabama, which is segregating kids based on gender under the premise that boys are better learners  than girls.

Kasparian discusses the thinking behind the new gender protocol, blaming it more on the conservative thinking of the adults involved than any actual science. Seems they’re segregating the children not just in the classroom, but socially as well. Boys and girls do not mix even during lunch hour or in the recreation areas. This is based on the “pseudo science” premise that young boys are smarter, more aggressive and more efficient on topics such as math and science – particularly when they’re not distracted by surging testosterone brought on by the presence of girls – and therefore even social interactions are prevented.
Watch the video:


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