The David Pakman Show – ‘Choose Life’ License Plates Ruled Unconstitutional (VIDEO)

David Pakman

Oops, The folks from The David Pakman Show wasn’t able to get its hands on the North Carolina “Choose Life” plates, so they’re showing one from South Carolina.

State Judge James Fox ruled that North Carolina’s anti-choice license plates — which feature a colorful drawing with multi-racial children and the slogan “Choose Life”– are unconstitutional because the lack of a pro-choice option is in violation of First Amendment free speech rights. Chris Brooks, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union’s North Carolina Legal Foundation, explains that the ACLU vs. State of North Carolina case isn’t actually about abortion, it’s about free speech: “The problem here is a lack of balance. It’s a first amendment issue.”

North Carolina's Choose Life license plate.

Here’s the actual license plate in question — which looks so colorful, multi-cultural, and rainbow-ish, one can easily imagine a progressive not seeing the anti-choice message and ordering one.

You can watch the video here:

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