The David Pakman Show – Scalia Defends Comparing Laws Against Homosexuality to Murder (VIDEO)

Author: December 12, 2012 9:11 am

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia goes off, arguing at Princeton University “if we can’t have moral feelings against homosexuality, can we against murder?”

This came after he was asked by a gay student why he equated laws banning sodomy with those banning bestiality and murder. He replied that he didn’t think it was necessary to make that equation “but I think it’s effective,” adding that legislative body can ban what they believe to be immoral.

He’s been traveling the country promoting his new book and, as the Supreme Court takes on California’s Prop 8 and and the matter of DOMA, it appears he sees there’s more to talk about than literature.

Watch the video:


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  • SCALIA: I am really sorry that Scalia finds homosexuals as offensive as “murderers”.

    I find it “offensive” that a man who supposedly represents “the people” has bad-yellow teeth, is overweight, and dresses badly. He makes a salary as most of the wealthy in this country.

    And “tit-for-tat” – why doesn’t he and other Christians who are supposedly “moral” save their own and take rights away from those Christians who have committed ‘adultery”, ‘divorce” and ‘raising bad children’ – which I find more of a problem in our society.

    I refuse to put the word “Justice” in front of his name from hereon.

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