Why Did This FOX News Right Winger Donate Money To Obama’s 2012 Campaign?

Jesse Watters with Michelle Bachmann

This guy wrote a $500 check to Barack Obama’s Victory Fund … REALLY? Photo from The Blaze.

Politico recently pointed out that FOX News correspondent and O’Reilly Factor field producer Jesse Watters, known for his ambush-like interviews in his Factor “Watters World” segment, donated $500 to the Obama Victory Fund (you can look up the FEC Disclosure here:)

Now why would a guy, who has said very nasty things about Obama and his supporters in the past, on a network that has a reputation for saying very nasty things about Obama and his supporters in the past and present, give his hard-earned dollars to Public Enemy No. 1?

And why would he contribute to the “Obama Victory Fund 2012” PAC (net contributions totaling $445 million) rather than the far-more-popular “Obama For America” committee (net contributions totaling $3.18 billion)? (See “Find the Data” for more information about these committees). It’s definitely intriguing, and at the time of this writing, no answer is forthcoming from Bill O’Reilly, FOX News, or Watters himself.

Jesse Watters' FEC disclosure form with $500 donation to Obama

The form that launched a thousand speculations.

And while one would hope this was a topic that would lead to titillatingly scandalous news, we here at Addicting Info suspect the reason to be fairly innocuous. As it turns out, Watters’s donation happened to fall on the same day as the deadline for the final “Dinner With Barack” contest of the campaign, where three winners and a guest of their choosing would receive a trip to dine with the President. Thus, Watters was likely attempting to gain a once-in-a-lifetime chance at an ambush interview with the biggest game in the country. (The real question is whether Watters would have chosen his wife or O’Reilly to accompany him.)

Still, we had a lot of fun coming up with theories behind the unlikely donation from the conservative Watters. For instance:

  • Watters made a deal with Gawker.com to stop abusing him if he agreed to donate to Obama’s campaign fund.
  • Watters, who once said on the Aug. 23, 2007 edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” that the only thing he was afraid of was coming back from an ambush interview empty-handed for O’Reilly, quickly converted to Democrat rather than face his boss when he failed to get an interview with Vice President O’Biden at Dartmouth a few days before making his donation.
  • Watters has always been a secret liberal operative, which would explain why FOX News always makes so many questionable decisions that do the Republican party more harm than good.
  • Watters, after slandering the White House’s former Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Van Jones, had to make a secret out-of-court settlement that included an Obama campaign donation.
  • Watters bet Roger Ailes (founder/chairman of FOX News corporation) that General David Petraeus would agree to run for president if Ailes just asked him – loser had to donate to Obama’s campaign fund.
  • Watters’s wife, Noelle, host of FOX News’ iMag Style, made him do it.

We’ll keep you posted if and when Watters ever reveals the mystery behind his actual motives. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments below.