Fox News Contributor Gets Punched In Face, Edits Out Part Where He Started Fight (VIDEO)


Yes, you look VERY traumatized by your experience. You were just an innocent victim. Poor you.

This is Steven Crowder and he’s a regular Fox News contributor. Why is this man smiling? Because he got punched in the face at the Michigan union rally and got it all on tape:

Boy, those liberal union types sure are violent! Fox has used the phrase “union thugs” about 40 million times in the last couple of days. But there’s a problem with this video; it leaves out the part where Crowder knocks the guy to ground before he gets punched in the face. Here’s the unedited video, ironically from The Sean Hannity Show (skip to 1:20):

Looks like someone over at Fox still hasn’t noticed this puts the lie to the entire narrative of innocent ol’ Crowder. Either that or they’re so arrogant they don’t care if the truth is on full display because they know their audience will believe anything they’re told anyway. But not for nothing, if Crowder really was an innocent bystander, he wouldn’t have edited out the part where he knocked the guy over, would he? But since we live in the days of James O’Keefe “journalism,” the truth takes a distant second place to a poorly crafted narrative. The biggest “tell” that is one of those generated scandals is the right-wing media’s outrage, OUTRAGE I tell you!, that the mainstream media hasn’t made it into a national story.

But even though it doesn’t appear that Crowder deliberately knocked the guy over, he made no effort to help him up or apologize and happily took the punch knowing full well that it would be ratings gold on the right wing propaganda circuit. His unrestrained glee in his interview belies his claims of being an aggrieved victim of “left-wing violence.”

To further cement his status as a right-wing weasel, Crowder called out his attacker and challenged him to an MMA fight to prove how tough he is or he would have the man arrested (skip to 5:50 to see his adolescent preening). Think about that: the guy that punched Crowder was easily in his fifties and here’s a twenty something challenging him to a fight? Yes, very macho. I’m sure the ladies swoon at his virility. Of course there’s that pesky detail of Crowder starting the altercation which would make it hard to press charges.

Keeping this in mind, it’s not terribly surprising that he hasn’t filed an assault complaint as of early Thursday evening, a full 24 hours later. You’d think if Crowder really felt he had been assaulted, he might have done something about it other than make a fool of himself by beating his chest like a brain damaged gorilla. He’s certainly been all over the right wing media telling his harrowing tale of “union thuggery.” And there’s still that darned tape of him knocking the guy over first.

I’m sure Crowder will clear up the confusion any time now.


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