Michele Bachmann’s Tenuous Grasp On Reality Loosens Even More

Rep. Michele Bachmann

We haven’t heard too much from Michele Bachmann lately. Maybe having a much closer election challenge than she thought possible took some of the wind out of her sails. Regardless, she’s puffed up again and spouting nonsense … just like old times.

The ultra-right Bachmann paid extremist Jan Markell a visit to lay out her latest conspiracy theory on Markell’s radio show. According to her, President Obama is attempting to impose Sharia law in the U.S. Really. Oh, and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is working to override the First Amendment through a UN treaty.

Like some kind of unhinged kaffeeklatch, the two women attacked Sec. Clinton, saying that she was “enmeshed in all things Muslim Brotherhood” and implying that Clinton was endangering American security with her actions. They posited that “somebody has her ear” and is guiding her in her dealings with the Islamic world.

Then they went after the President. Bachmann warned that the American people and Israel were in “grave danger” due to Obama’s so-called support of radical Islamic extremists: “President Obama, if you look at nearly every decision he has made about this issue, it is to lift up the Islamists and to take down Israel,” Bachmann opined. She pointed out “Islamic speech codes” that the President supposedly uses, claiming that they were “deadly for the American people.”

The conspiracy theory grew as Bachmann spoke of how anyone who was not “an Islamist” (why can’t she use the correct word, “Muslim?”) will lose their right of free speech. Oh, not just speech but “… written, a cartoon, a painting, whatever it is …” According to her, any non-Islamist will lose their right to criticize, or to be critical of in any way, the Sharia law which she fervently believes will be put in place at Obama’s behest.

She further accused the President of supporting the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s advocacy of blasphemy laws, despite the fact that the U.S. has previously shown unambiguous opposition to them. Bachmann thinks that, to avoid this horrible future, we must study Islamic materials much as the Allies studied the Nazis and Mein Kampf during WWII. She cites a letter from Muslim-American groups about anti-Islamic educational material as “proof positive” of the Obama administration’s complicity in the attempt to introduce Sharia law in the United States.

Bachmann ran down eventually, ending with the claim that Obama and Clinton are going to abolish the First Amendment and  “take away the free speech rights of the American people.” They will do this through the UN. In fact, they have already begun, she says: “… but even more importantly, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton she helped to formulate and write and pass UN Resolution 16/18, which calls for the criminalization — anti-free speech measures.” Bachmann has not, naturally, read UN Resolution 16/18 or, if she has, is misrepresenting it. But judging from past comments, that doesn’t appear to concern her in the least.

One must consider the basis of such craziness and, were it not so obnoxious, feel sorry for someone who lives in such a world. Constantly in fear of losing their freedoms, terrified of people who are different, opposing any step in the direction of tolerance. But then one should also think about how much of this is projection. Many of the things Bachmann accuses the President and Secretary of are things that, if the Right had their way, might be imposed on non-Christians in the Right Wing utopia of a Christian theocracy. It is said that people do not accuse others of things that they, themselves have not considered or would do if given the chance. Bachmann’s tirade is a perfect example of that.