Rush Limbaugh Wants To ‘Make A Real Woman’ Out Of Hillary Clinton

limbaugh fat

Because Rush Limbaugh is a never-ending font of misogynistic repulsiveness, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Rush hates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She’s everything he can’t stand in a woman: smart, assertive, powerful and not afraid to stand up the little men of the right-wing. This is what happens when Rush decides to take her down a peg:

There’s really no point in getting outraged over this kind of insult. Rush just eats it up like the pig he is. That’s why he says it. However, I would like to make one point: Hillary is married to Bill Clinton. Whatever you think of his philandering ways, he’s been around the block a few times and has a certain…reputation. THAT’S who Hillary gets to sleep with. Rush, on the other hand, needs to pay hire rent “marry” a succession of women who are only interested in his money. And Bill doesn’t need Viagra, either.

Maybe what you really want is for Hillary to make a real man out of you, Rush? Don’t forget your pills…

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