Rush Limbaugh Wants To ‘Make A Real Woman’ Out Of Hillary Clinton

Author: December 14, 2012 7:01 pm

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Because Rush Limbaugh is a never-ending font of misogynistic repulsiveness, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Rush hates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She’s everything he can’t stand in a woman: smart, assertive, powerful and not afraid to stand up the little men of the right-wing. This is what happens when Rush decides to take her down a peg:

There’s really no point in getting outraged over this kind of insult. Rush just eats it up like the pig he is. That’s why he says it. However, I would like to make one point: Hillary is married to Bill Clinton. Whatever you think of his philandering ways, he’s been around the block a few times and has a certain…reputation. THAT’S who Hillary gets to sleep with. Rush, on the other hand, needs to pay hire rent “marry” a succession of women who are only interested in his money. And Bill doesn’t need Viagra, either.

Maybe what you really want is for Hillary to make a real man out of you, Rush? Don’t forget your pills…

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  • A ‘real’ woman? What Dat? One of those successive golddiggers that Mr. “Family Values” Limbaugh has married/divorced?

    I’ll go with the unreal ones, thank you very much.

  • For what it’s worth. I was a fly on the wall in that elevator. The reason Hillary did not reply to his command was that she was doubled over with laughter once Rush had removed his clothing! He always forgets that part of the story! :-)

  • 7 letters. Starts with an “A”. Ends with an “E”.

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