Are We In The Matrix? Scientists Aim To Find Out (VIDEO)

It is the nature of man to question. Who am I? Why am I here? Is there a higher power?

Some have wondered if this world is an illusion, a dream, or a computer simulation. Now scientists have developed a method to test this theory, and the testing method has passed peer review.

Regardless of the answer, the testing process will tell us more about the universe, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge to the limits. And if they do discover that we are in the Matrix, the next question is, what’s next? On a fundamental level, this would change nothing for people. We would still go to work, chat around the water cooler; go to church, but on a basic level, the new knowledge will exist in the back of our heads. If anything, the answer, should it be found that we are inside of a computer simulation, would open up even more questions than it answers.

The thought that we are inside of a computer simulation is not as far fetched as once thought. Already computer programs exist which are difficult to separate from reality, such as this one from Crytek of Germany (see video):

The idea that we are a complex, gigantic computer simulation is not the only theory pushing our boundaries. New papers have also theorized that we are inside of a black hole. Yet another, M-theory, proposes a universe composed of quantum-level strings. Whatever the answer, the universe, and those in it, is absolutely amazing. The more answers we have, the more questions arise. And this is what fuels the scientific mind: not to solve every answer, but to find new questions to answer.

So, the question now becomes, do you take the red pill or the blue pill? Do you fall asleep and let the world exist around you, or do you instead take the chance and find out how far down the rabbit hole goes?

Follow the white rabbit.