Colbert’s Super PAC Funds Donated To Charity To Honor Ham Rove (VIDEO)

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Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert announced on Thursday that he’s created the “Ham Rove Memorial Fund” so that the Colbert Super PAC money is “in a better place.”

Colbert formed Super PAC “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” in 2011 in an effort to draw attention to the corruption behind loosened campaign finance laws following the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United. The 2010 ruling paved the way for groups, including Super PACs, with unlimited spending capacity during political campaigns.  A week after the 2012 election, Colbert shut the fund down, citing the death of the fictional strategist “Ham Rove.” Ham Rove was designed as a parody of Republican scumbag Karl Rove, with “Ham” being a block of ham wearing glasses.

Via a letter on the Colbert Super PAC website, Colbert expressed his “grief” for the loss of his “friend,” and detailed his tragic death of being eaten by a dog. He announced “First and Final Annual Charitable Donations by the Ham Rove Memorial Fund.”

Colbert quipped,  “As a board member, I wanted that money to go to UNICEF. Unfortunately, the rest of the board found out that UNICEF is the name of my yacht.”

In his press release, he detailed how the funds would be distributed:

Hurricane Sandy was much like Ham Rove: Cold, cruel, salty, and the cause of untold devastation. In his honor, Donors Choose, Team Rubicon, and Habitat For Humanity will each receive $125,000 to assist with their Sandy relief efforts.

We’ll also be donating $125,000 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which serves wounded soldiers and their families. My attempts to get a matching donation to the Blue Ribbon Fund, which serves me frosty cans of PBR, were not successful.

The remaining money will be split between two pro-transparency groups who fight against the corrupting influence of outside money in politics. Luckily, they were both fine with the corrupting influence of outside money in their offices. As per his wishes, the Center for Responsive Politics has officially renamed their meeting space “The Colbert Super Pac Memorial Conference Room.” And the Campaign Legal Center will, from here on out, be home to “The Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room.”

Colbert ended his letter with:

Don’t stop bereaving,

Stephen Colbert
Former President
Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (defunct)

Here’s the video: