The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Is A Hoax

Fiscal Cliff

Enough with the fiscal cliff hyperbole–the latest stratagems U.S. politrickcians want to sell to the American people. It is akin to the latest pop song you’ve heard played on the radio so many times you come to despise it. In the beginning you wanted to hear more of it, enjoyed it. But now the sound of it repulses you. Instead of music to your ears it is now cacophony–a harsh discordance of sound. Such is the case with the fiscal cliff rhetoric. And even more inflaming its disingenuity.

I do hate–actually I don’t–being the bearer of bad news but it’s all a hoax, a sham. As Malcolm X said, “you been had, hoodwinked, bamboozled”. Or as my grandmother, God rest her soul, used to say “the devil is a lie!”

There are some devils sitting on Capitol Hill, e.g. Chief Devil John Boehner, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who would have us to believe America is going to collapse if the already impoverished somehow don’t manage to restrain themselves, exercise some financial discipline and become abject impoverished. All of you factory workers, teachers, waiters and waitresses and especially you burger flippers at fast food joints and price scanners at low-end super retail stores have got to stop this lavish lifestyle you have been living. No more balling and swaggering. It’s time to sacrifice for the good of your country.

Last year in a debate over an Ohio labor referendum that called for “sacrifice” by teachers and other government workers in the form of pay cuts, collective bargaining and other rights the question was raised as to why elected officials won’t practice what they preach and join hands in this sacrifice. GOP state Rep. Lou Blessing’s response,

Because it’s not merited. I earn my pay. I think that was just political
baloney. So they can say in an ad, `Gee , you know, they didn’t support a pay
cut.’ Well, no, I don’t support a pay cut. Republicans earn their money.
Apparently Democrats don’t. They feel they should be paid less. That may be
true. Maybe we’ll just cut the Democrats’ pay.

Responding to his vote to privatize Medicare Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA) said, “All the important votes that I cast as their representative that are directed toward putting the country’s fiscal house back in order will be difficult. It requires tough choices.

Will some Democratic Congressman, Senator, Governor, any “leader” on the left please grow a pair, tell the truth and shame the devil? The only fiscal cliff that exists is the one of the avaricious plutocrats have concocted. The American economy is not on the brink of destruction due to “entitlements”. And for the record, yes I, you, we are ENTITLED to social security, Medicare and/or Medicaid because after all we EARNED it. We’ve worked all of our lives, paid into a system and yes are now ENTITLED to reap the harvest of our labor.

The true reason the American economy is in such perilous danger is much more sinister and rarely spoken, especially in the mainstream media. The real threat to the American economy are the banksters and corporate oligarchs–the Jamie Dimons, Stuart Gullivers, Mike Dukes and company, aka, the new mafia. And Al Capone or Frank Costello pale in comparison to the new crime bosses. Lloyd Blankfein and his ilk make Capone look like a choir boy. The new mafia is 100 percent unscrupulous. They know no boundaries or limits. They have no regard for those who do not share their space and they are driven by an insatiable greed that comprehends but one word–more. They have hijacked the economy, bought off 99.9 percent of the politicians and are holding everyone hostage. The ransom is our very livelihood, our existence. And if we the people do not begin to seriously push back, to stand up and resist by any means necessary and demand a different trajectory we all will be driven off a deadly cliff with zero chance of survival.

The fiscal cliff lie being peddled by the politicians, no matter how many times repeated, is still a lie. Do not believe the hype. Stop sipping the kool-aid. It ain’t grape. It’s blue number 4 and red number 5.

Rob Johnson, Director of the Economic Policy Initiative at the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute explains the mistruths behind the fiscal cliff on The Real News Network in the video here: