ALEC Charity Status In Question – Preparing For IRS Audit

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a group long known for pushing anti-people legislation. From laws to allow corporations to poison and kill everyday citizens to fights to eliminate the right to vote, ALEC has been ground zero of the attacks on the citizens of the United States. To gain legitimacy, the group wraps itself in the American flag and claims its actions are patriotic through false flag operations, making up stories to make their case to strip our rights away and turn America into a corporate controlled state.

Now the group is finding itself in hot water as the IRS has been given information which may revoke its non-profit status. This would in turn open up both the group and its donors to further legal action. In response, ALEC memos uncovered by Bloomberg discuss plans to organize a new, spin-off organization, in an attempt to shield their donors and structure. In the memo Ron Scheberle, ALEC’s executive director, said that the new structure would enable ALEC to “educate the public on the past, current and future impact of ALEC’s model legislation.”

The new organization and structure for ALEC is talked about as a way to avoid IRS penalties, as revealed in the memos obtained. This tells us that ALEC knows that they are doing something illegal, and are attempting to protect themselves and their donors, to better shield them.

Doug Clopp, an attorney for Common Cause, in response to the memo’s release said:

It looks like ALEC is covering its tracks. These folks are not a charity, they’re not the soup kitchen, they’re not the YMCA. They are, and always have been, aware that their activities are straight-up lobbying.

The use of the new structure ALEC is discussing, the 501c4, is popular among lobbying groups for this shielding. However in recent months the legal protections of these groups have fallen under attack, and several have had their donors revealed to the world. That ALEC would consider such a move, knowing this, indicates how bad their current actions are. ALEC has been behind legislation which has directly led to the deaths of countless people along with programs which are nothing but a direct attack on freedom and liberty in the US.

You look for a right-wing legislation, you typically find ALEC behind it. They are a poison, caring nothing for the United States, just their god of greed. They don’t care how many people die due to the legislation they introduce, just as long as they get the benefits of society without paying for it. They don’t care about clean water, financing terrorists, anything of common sense, so long as they get their paycheck.

If the possibility of the IRS audit is causing them to consider this step, then ALEC knows that they are in trouble.  One must wonder what other secrets are being hidden by the organization which has as its only mission to dismantle and destroy the United States.