After Newtown Tragedy NRA Hides Out, Takes Down Facebook Page


Been a tough week for all of us in the United States. A madman with several powerful firearms has snuffed 20 very young and innocent lives and the lives of 6 more of those that were at the school trying to protect them. What makes it all so much harder to understand is that the powerful weapons used were all legal, every last one of them.

It is so hard for me to fathom that any private citizen would want the responsibility of owning something that can hurt so many. I can’t help but wonder if the mother of Adam Lanza would have been so quick to run out and buy those guns if she had known that one day they would be used to extinguish so many young lives. Even harder I would think would be being the group that actually supports folks owning these types of death tools.

Yeah, I’m taking about the NRA.

In the wake of Sandy Hook it appears that the NRA has done what any upstanding, vocal and right-minded citizens group would do in light of such a tragedy, they have run off and hid. It is being widely reported that shortly after the tragedy the NRA Facebook page just sort of vanished. Also not one tiny little character has been typed out on their Twitter account since Friday. Silence speaks volumes.


The NRA has grown uncharacteristically quiet in the wake of this massacre and I suspect they are all huddled in a dark room somewhere caressing their beloved rifles and hoping this will all just go away.


If the NRA likes it or not a national dialogue has already begun and questions are going to need to be answered and I for one would love for them to explain why they support someone being able to legally purchase something that could wipe out so many people so quickly. If I hear one more person cite personal protection or hunting as a reason to own an assault weapon I am going to scream.

The time has come for citizens to demand answers and demand better. How many more innocents must perish till we all wake up and smell the gunpowder.