Westboro Baptist Church Announces Plans To Demonstrate At Sandy Hook Elementary School

Young Westboro Hater; from Edublog.org

Young Westboro Hater; from Edublog.org

Unlike most churches that choose to spread God’s messages of love and peace, Westboro Baptist “Church” believes God has given them a different mission – to spread hatred and unhappiness wherever they appear with their ugly and ignorant signs. Their utter misguidance is only surpassed by their desperately pitiful bids to see their names in print (and unhappy am I to oblige). So it’s no surprise they’ve announced via Twitter their plans to demonstrate at the nation’s most recent high-profile tragedy.

Just one day after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, where 28 people were killed – 20 of them children – Westboro Baptist spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper turned her obsessive attention away from Carrie Underwood (one of WBC’s more recent targets since coming out in support of gay marriage) and tweeted, “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”


Yes, that is bile you’re tasting. (As an aside, Shirley, who is the daughter of Westboro Baptist Pastor Fred Phelps, is also the figurative stone-thrower who admitted her eldest son was born out-of-wedlock.)

Fred Phelps’ other daughter, Margie Phelps, later pointed out in a tweet that President Barack Obama would be appearing at the Newtown, Connecticut vigil on Sunday at 7 p.m. and that it was “time to pack signs.”

It’s doubtful the blow-hard WBC will really show up – there’s no mention of it at their Website picket schedule, and they’ll probably be content with the minor stir they caused.

Many of Westboro Baptist’s recent attempts to troll high-profile funerals have been thwarted by truly good-hearted people who form human walls in order to shield mourners’ sight of the Westboro degenerates. (I personally was a big fan of the zombie apocalypse earlier this year, where approximately 300 counter-protesters dressed as the undead to overshadow the WBC demonstration at the DuPont, Washington military base.)

Despite having to share a planet with these wretched beings, who thrive off the loathing of others (as evidenced by their gleeful re-tweeting of any disparaging remarks made against them), this writer takes comfort in the fact that they will eventually sit in judgment before God, and He will hold them accountable for the atrocities they have visited on his true children.