KKK Is Alive And Booming In Israel: Only Thing Missing Are White Robes (VIDEO)

Author: December 17, 2012 9:39 am
Screen shot of anti-African rally at an Israeli Hanukkah lighting ceremony.

Screen shot of anti-African rally at an Israeli Hanukkah lighting ceremony.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

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It seems the Jews in the Holy Land have definitely forgotten their past. They have forgotten what things were like for them prior to the 1948 UN resolution establishing the State of Israel. They have forgotten the pogroms in Europe, the Spanish Inquisition and when they were a wondering people, a people without a homeland.

It is always baffling to me to see the victim become a perpetrator of the very injustice they once cried out against. Such is the case with many Israeli Jews as witnessed in this video of a “Hanukkah” candle lighting rally to protest the presence of Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in south Tel Aviv. Oh, the irony. I mean, can you possibly imagine a group of Americans gathered in a public space in the name of celebrating Christmas and the participants engage in attacking a group of Hispanics, Asians or other ethnic group? It sounds outrageous–does it not?

Well, this is exactly what a group of extremists Israelis did during the week of Hanukkah in south Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Park, led by far right, fanatical and racist Knesset members, Michael Ben-Ari and Aryeh Eldad. Just to give you a glimpse into the demented minds of these two wretched and poor excuse for human beings, let alone political leaders: Michael Ben-Ari inciting a crowd at another anti-African immigrant rally earlier in May said the following in reference to the immigrants:

There are rapists and harassers here. The time for talk is over.

Last summer during a tour of the Israeli-Egyptian border, MK Aryeh Eldad openly and unapologetically said:

“Anyone that penetrates Israel’s border should be shot, a Swedish tourist, Sudanese from Eritrea, Eritreans from Sudan, Gazans from Sinai. Whoever touches Israel’s border – shot.”

Apparently Ben-Ari, Eldad and the many other hooligans who were gathered at the Hanukkah rally are quick to forget. What if the Palestinians who were already living in this land when the hundreds of thousands of Jews from Europe and North Africa immigrated had responded likewise? What if the Philippines, Canada, France and the numerous other countries who took Jews in following their expulsion from European nations had turned them away?

The State of Israel exists today not solely because of the desire of Theodore Herzl or Vladimir Jabotinsky, but because of other non-Jews who looked at the plight of the Jewish people and not only empathized with them but fought on their behalf. It would behoove Ben-Ari, Eldad and all of those calling for the “expulsion” of and violence against African immigrants to remember this.


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  • WHAT Palestinians ‘who were living in this land”?

    Yeah some were, but also Jews were living in Israel too, apriori to 1948. Long before.
    Strange how that little tidbit gets glossed over.

    • seriously? “what Palestinians? yeah some were” are you really serious? either you are willfully ignorant or you’re deliberately being deceitful. first and foremost there was never any inference that no jews were here in the land prior to 1948, however it is no secret, at least among any person who has any knowledge of this land, that Palestinians, the Bedouins were here for centuries. that is an indisputable fact. as to your claim of jews being in the land “long before” if you’re speaking of a timeframe prior to the roman invasion, those jews were not from europe. it is clear in the article the jews referenced are those who immigrated from european nations, that’s if you actually read and comprehended the article.

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