Discovery Channel: Ted Nugent Will Definitely Not Be Returning. Like Ever.

nugentA spokesperson for The Discovery Channel confirmed to Raw Story that there will not be a third season of the reality series American Guns, which features a family of gun makers. But it’s not just American Guns that’s getting dropped. It seems that The Discovery Channel is doing a full house cleaning. They’re dumping firearms enthusiast and aging rocker Ted Nugent completely. The spokesperson, whose report was specified “not for attribution,” confirmed that Nugent will definitely not be returning to the channel.

So Ted, there is no point in singing “I Won’t Go Away“, because it seems that you just weren’t there to stay.

The Discovery Channel’s statement did not directly link the changes in its gun related shows to Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but the spokesperson told Raw Story that the tragedy “has really started something.”

The Discovery Channel’s prepared statement did not give any more details than that, except to confirm that they will not be airing repeats of American Guns.

“‘American Guns’ concluded earlier this year. Discovery Channel chose not to renew the series and has no plans to air repeats of the show.”

Ted Nugent’s Gun Country, captioned “Ted Nugent Rocks the Second Amendment,”  didn’t do as well as expected when it aired in October. According to Nielsen Ratings October 12th 2012 report, the viewership was at approximately 864,000 viewers total. Compare Ted’s ratings (on the same chart) with the ratings of a much more positive and upbeat redneck show, Duck Dynasty, which had several million viewers. Their beards are way cooler than Ted’s little lame goatee. Maybe it’s the beard, Ted? Or not.

In a September 26th press release, the Discovery Channel announced that Ted Nugent’s Gun Country would be a one-hour special. However, Ted and his National Rifle Association (NRA) cronies boasted repeatedly that it would actually be a series, and in an October interview with Mark Walters on Armed America Radio, Ted declared:

“I mean even if Discovery doesn’t air anymore shows it’s still alive and well. They want to do it as a regular feature. We expect that there will be at least a dozen shows a year,” Nugent said. He continued with: “Every month. And we are really excited about it. I think it came off great. We trained with a bunch of zombie killers, we did a lot of ammunition testing.”

But he’s been singing about lying for a long time. We should have seen the “Writing on the Wall.”

To be fair, Ted is known for his skills with weaponry and music, not his ability to predict outcomes. He heavily endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, even though he felt that Rick Perry would have made a better president. I’m going to make a wild guess and say that Governor Perry’s prowess in killing coyotes may have bumped him up a bit in Ted’s estimation. After all, Sarah Palin’s moose-killing ability was the basis of his affection for her.

It seems that Ted is “Alone.” Is he scared, does he feel the pain, and is his heart finally bleeding? He is, after all, not used to being alone. But the good thing is, he’s “Got The Feelin,” and can now truly be a man on the run, blazin’ down the highway leaving rules on the roadside.

He’ll be fine, because he’s ready for a change. He was “visited” by the Secret Service earlier this year after remarks that included publicly encouraging NRA members to “chop [Democrats’] heads off in November” and a declaration that he would be either dead or in prison if President Obama won the election.

 “I’ll tell you this right now: If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” Nugent said at an NRA event in April. “It isn’t the enemy that ruined America. It’s good people who bent over and let the enemy in. If the coyote’s in your living room pissing on your couch, it’s not the coyote’s fault. It’s your fault for not shooting him.”

Well, Ted, looks like you’ve been “shot” by The Discovery Channel. As you said in your Washington Times commentary piece (does anyone really believe he wrote that?), we “never promised you a rose garden.” Now how about you “bend over.”  You are the enemy and the “good people” aren’t going to “come in” (not in this lifetime or the next), but we do just want you to leave us alone. Really.