The David Pakman Show – Westboro Baptist Church Justifies Newtown Protests, Insults Anonymous (VIDEO)

Pakman & Phelps_WBC

Margie Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church joins David to discuss why her church plans to protest the funerals of the victims of the Newtown shooting tragedy and to address the recent attacks on the church by Anonymous, drawing the predictable parallel between the state’s stance on gay marriage and the shootings.

“Now you’re in a fever for the chase for same sex marriage. Connecticut was one of the first states to come out for same sex marriage. You guys think you can brute force away the standard of God. It’s not gonna happen. You heard it here first.”

As David continues to ask about whether or not the WBC will protest the funerals of the Connecticut dead, Margie ominously warns:

“Soon. Soon. Connecticut is gonna look like a tea party. Many more shooters, many more dead are coming.”

David attempts to negotiate an agreement for the church to cancel their plans to picket children’s’ funerals.

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