Cory Booker Eyeing Senate Run And Not Governorship (VIDEO)

Author: December 20, 2012 10:35 am

Much to the chagrin of hopeful New Jersey democrats–and even more hopeful political cartoonists and humorists–Superman Mayor of Newark and the Jersey Democrats’ only hope of toppling Chris ‘Hurricane SuperFleece’ Christie, Cory Booker, just announced that he will not be challenging the Governor in 2013. Instead, Booker will be focusing on the Senate in 2014.

Since Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) has been around long enough that he makes Socrates look young, Booker is a surefire pick to deliver the veteran’s Senate seat into the 21st century for the Democrats, as well as embark on his inevitable path to the presidency (see Barack Obama). Mayor Booker has willingly run into burning buildings to rescue innocent bystanders in the past, so hopefully he’ll be able to run into the burning building that is the Capitol Building and rescue the American people. Although he’s ultimately a politician and therefore his primary duty is to lie to you while simultaneously kissing your butt, Booker walks the walk and talks the talk. His strong leadership and sincere commitment to the public welfare are  qualities that are as missing in Washington as ice in the Arctic. Whether his food stamp challenge was a publicity stunt or not, it certainly did humanize the social program and deride the right-wing myths.  But one has to wonder if this means his Senate fundraisers will be $7 a plate.

 “It would be a privilege, an honor, to continue his legacy of service,” said Booker, acknowledging the enormity behind Lautenberg’s Senate seat and the opportunity to keep it Jersey Strong. (NBC News)

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Here’s the video:

Booker’s decision comes amid soaring popularity for Governor Christie following his handling of Superstorm Sandy. Only one Democrat, NJ State Senator Barbara Buono, has stepped up to challenge the now popular incumbent. Assuming Christie doesn’t scream any teachers or Marines into tiny pieces from now until November or unemployment doesn’t suddenly skyrocket, it’s safe to assume that Buono knows she’ll have a herculean battle come November, both in fund-raising and establishing her name among voters across the entire state.

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