Fox News == Terrorists (VIDEO)

For years, a terrorist network has been breeding in the heart of the United States. It uses its power and influence to incite violence, and has gallons of blood on its hands. It fills the heads of millions of people with its propoganda and lies in order to create an army of people willing to surrender their lives for the cause.

The name of this terrorist organization: Fox News.

Fox News, run by Roger Ailes, engages in a form of terrorism known as Stochastic Terrorism. Using its media empire of both televised and radio broadcasted affiliates, it purposefully distorts, lies, and deceives its audience with the results being all too common in today’s day and age.

Definition – Stochastic Terrorism:

The use of mass communications or social media to incite individuals not directly tied to the source to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.

This is the method of terrorism performed by Osama Bin Laden during his life. He would “suggest” that it would be “nice” if something were to happen. His network of brainwashed affiliates would then carry out the suggestion. It is a very old tactic, as Henry II of England famously uttered “who will rid me of this turbulent priest?” The death of Saint Thomas of Canterbury thanks to these words being carried out by four of Henry’s knights, Reginald fitzUrse, Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy, and Richard le Breton, has been forever etched into history as a result. King Henry did not order them to kill Saint Thomas, but the death came from his words nonetheless.

The role of Fox News in terrorist activity has come to the forefront in the war on terror with the guilty plea by Randolph Linn in the case of the arson of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. During the court hearing, Randolph had this to say according to a mosque member who attended the hearing:

And I was more sad when Judge [Jack] Zouhary asked him that, ‘Do you know any Muslims or do you know what Islam is?’ And he said, ‘No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio.’

Linn is also reported as having said:

Muslims are killing Americans and trying to blow stuff up. Most Muslims are terrorists and don’t believe in Jesus Christ.

It was reported during his arrest on October 2nd that Mr. Linn told the arresting officers:

Fuck those Muslims… They would kill us if they got the chance.

Local news station WNWO covered this story earlier today:

And Mr. Linn is not alone. You find Wade Michael Page, Jared Lee Loughner, and James Holmes along with hundreds more, all fed by hordes of media personalities, which have a ready home on Fox News.

Per the definition of stochastic terrorism, this use of the media to incite those who then commit such seemingly random acts of violence would label Fox News as terrorists. And it is not just the Linn case either. We find cases such as Byron Williams who plotted on assassinating people at the Tides Foundation and ACLU after hearing about it on Fox News. And cases like Kenneth B. Kimbley Jr. whose militia, the Brotherhood of America Patriots, plotted to destroy bridges in an attempt to undermine the federal authority in response to statements made on Fox News. All of these men have cited Fox News as their sole or primary media source. And with studies finding that viewers of Fox News are misinformed to the point that they have no concept of reality. Fox even has been reported in directly causing the death of one woman by their fear mongering.

It is time to stop coddling Fox News and its affiliated groups. They are not patriots, they are not conservatives, they are not even owned by Americans. They are terrorists, pure and simple. When they believe ACORN stole the election, when they claim the Department of Defense is part of Al Qaeda, when they accept responsibility for killing Osama Bin Laden, when they claim Obama is a Socialist Muslim Communist Nazi, these all are terrorist acts.

Fox News is a terrorist organization, and it directly feeds the necessary distortion and information to those they need to carry out terrorist acts. We must dismantle this terrorist organization, we must use the powers granted to us by the USA PATRIOT act to seize the assets of Fox News and shut them down. Otherwise it may find your family in the crosshairs of the next terrorist they create.