The David Pakman Show – ‘Pro-Life’ Protester Stabs Man 7 Times (VIDEO)

David Pakman with photo of Oregon stabber being arrested.

While demonstrating at a Planned Parenthood women’s health clinic in Grants Pass, OR, pro-lifer Christopher Tolhurst stabbed Ted Clair seven times with a knife. Witnesses saw Tolhurst push Clair’s 22-year-old daughter, Kailah Clair, down to the ground after she angrily kicked a few of his ‘pro-life’ signs off the sidewalk. When Clair defended his daughter, Tolhurst stabbed him seven times in the abdomen and neck. Apparently, Tolhurst believes that a human being’s right to life begins at contraception, but ends at birth.

Here’s a video with David Pakman’s take on this:

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