NRA Blames Obama, Video Games For Shooting, Protestor Interrupts Speech (VIDEO)

Protestor at Friday NRA press conference

Protestor at Friday NRA press conference

Shame on you, Wayne LaPierre. After signaling earlier in the week that the National Rifle Association would make a “meaningful contribution” to ensuring mass killings like the one in Newtown don’t happen again, the NRA frontman delivered a very faulty interpretation of the contributing factors to the massacre, and said the only option “proven to work” is putting armed guards in every school.

An NRA protestor interrupted the news conference, see the video below:


LaPierre blamed a variety of imagined causes for the shooting, naming such things as gun-free school zones, the media, movies, violent video games, President Obama, and hurricanes.

Sounding as though he could be describing the NRA’s “assault rifles for everyone” position, LaPierre slammed the video game industry for its “callous, corrupt and disgusting shadow industry… [and] vicious, violent video games.” He also implied that austerity cuts to school emergency planning efforts were responsible for the tragedy, blame he placed squarely with President Obama.

LaPierre also inverted the truth by saying that gun control “poses a sacrifice,” suggesting that passing an assault weapons ban would ask people to sacrifice their lives. What LaPierre is really saying is that the lives lost in mass shooting tragedies aren’t worth as much as gun manufacturer profits.

LaPierre announced that he was starting a task force called National School Shield. Thus, the NRA’s “meaningful contribution” is not supporting common-sense gun control; rather, it’s calling on Congress to increase the presence of guns around children by adding armed police officers at every school. He said we must do this if “we cherish our kids more than money.”

What about cherishing our kids more than assault rifle ownership??

While many people may feel safer knowing that police officers are protecting their children, there are two big flaws with LaPierre’s “solution.” One, it’s inadequate. Crazy people will still have easy access to assault weapons, which would easily overpower anything a cop guarding a school would be carrying. Two, what’s to stop murderers from overpowering guards and taking their guns to shoot up classrooms?

Read the full text of LaPierre’s speech here.

Also, to listen to Obama’s response to the 400,000 signatures gun control petitions have collected on the White House website, see video below:



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