Beyonce, Jon Hamm, Chris Rock And Others Urge You To ‘Demand A Plan’ To End Gun Violence (VIDEO)

DemandAPlan psa @

DemandAPlan psa @

Some of the highest profile actors, singers, comedians and writers in America today have gathered together to film a PSA (public service announcement) focused squarely on the demand for a “new plan,” in regards to regulating the industry of guns in America.

Sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the same group that funded the Luntz Global poll that found a surprising majority of NRA members are in favor of stronger, more sensible gun controls (Surprising NRA Gun Owners Poll – Most Favor Sensible Restrictions), the PSA “Demand a Plan,” shot in stark black and white  against a plain backdrop, features marquee names such as Beyonce, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Conan O’Brien, Chris Rock and many others.

Speaking directly to the camera, each participant recites a line, repeating the words and phrases, from person to person, until the message crescendos in a clear, concise litany:

“How many more colleges? How many more classrooms? How many more move theaters? How many more house of faith? How many more shopping malls? How many more street corners? Enough. Demand a plan right now,” the PSA declares. (Source:

Released on the same day NRA leader, Wayne LaPierre, responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by demanding more guns and more armed guards in schools with a rallying cry of, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the calm, direct demand of the new PSA offers a completely opposite tone. In voice and demeanor, the actors imbue their words with a sense of reason and gravitas, demanding a “plan” that – many people hope – will include a focus on removing combat weapons from stores, implementing more effective background checks, and overseeing the commerce done at less-regulated gun shows.

But whatever you think the plan should be, you’re invited to click here and get involved with the conversation. Given the urgency of the debate, and the need to come up with tangible, effective solutions with real teeth, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns hop and hope you will watch this PSA and be moved to participate in all the ways you can.

Here’s the video:


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