Unable To Bolster Position, NRA Turns To Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart is still dead, but the zombie-lovers keeping his blog going have continued his work in order lie, distort and deceive the population. Today, the NRA has fallen victim to zombie-Brietbart and its deception:


The problem is, they link to an article which is not only wrong, but dead wrong. Breitbart claims that the poll was on NRA policies. Instead, the poll was on public perception of the effectiveness of a variety of solutions.

Some of the claims Breitbart comes up with, don’t hold up. Perhaps reading comprehension is not one of their strong suits. So, let us examine the articles claims:

  • 53% of Americans expressed their support for doing exactly what the NRA’s proposing

Actually the Gallup poll has 53% of Americans expressing that they believed more police presence would be very effective in preventing mass shootings. Breitbart’s writer, John Nolte, made the jump to claim that this was an NRA proposal. The NRA instead proposed hiring 70-year-old ex-officers as security guards at schools, a very different proposal. Instead, Gallup found this proposal, to have armed staff at the school, with only 34% believing it “very effective.”

But, never one to just stick one bad claim out there, Breitbart went for another whopper of a claim:

  • Only 42% support an assault weapons ban

Again, this was not about support, but on perceptions of effectiveness. And the 42% was for “very effective.” Add “somewhat effective” and the total level grows to 63%, far above the “not effective” score of 36% and 1% with no opinion.

The NRA, by using Breitbart in this way, is attempting to drum up support. Instead, they look desperate to appear strong enough to resist the new federal assault weapons ban and to try to regain the support on the hill which has fled them. This move reveals that the NRA is in even more trouble than suspected.

But, they can always just turn around and blame Q-Bert again.