Get Bill O’Reilly Some Smelling Salts – Here’s The True Story Of Christmas (VIDEO)

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Screen shot from The History Channel‘s “Bet You Didn’t Know: Christmas” video.

As Fox watching Christians everywhere lament the ‘War on Christmas,’ it should be noted that Christmas as we know it wouldn’t be recognized by Christ or even by his disciples. For example, did you know that:

  • There is no mention of December 25th in the Bible.
  • Christians didn’t celebrate Christmas until 300 years after the alleged birth of Jesus took place.
  • December 25th was chosen because it coincided with Pagan holidays. It had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.
  • Our Christian founders, the Puritans, banned Christmas celebrations. Oh, and as an aside, the Founding Fathers, for the most part, were not Christians. They were Deists.
  • The Christmas tree was born of German tradition and not until the mid 1800s; after the ratification of the Constitution (just in case you thought it was a constitutional right).
  • The image of Santa in red and white originated in a Coca-Cola ad.
  • The crass commercialism of Christmas might have Christian roots, but it’s all about money, which puts the green in retailers’ (and TV networks’) Christmases.

Here’s the video with these Christmas facts, from The History Channel‘s “Bet You Didn’t Know: Christmas

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