Four Vandals – Aged 20 To 12 – Arrested In Walmart Paint Attack

Andrew Kinsey, Walmart Paint Attack  @ ABC/

Andrew Kinsey, Walmart Paint Attack @ ABC/

In the little town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, the local Walmart is the center of bustling commerce on any day of the year; during the holidays it’s generally packed any time of the day or night. Which is why it was all the more shocking to discover, on the Sunday before Christmas, that vandals had rampaged through the store with bottles of brightly colored paint, spraying and dripping it on merchandise throughout the store.

Andrew Kinsey of the local ABC News affiliate, WAPT News, reported from the site:

“Investigators tell me this case is unlike any other they’ve worked in recent years. They’re trying to determine what motivated a group of alleged vandals to walk inside this Walmart and destroy more than $7000 worth of clothes.”

Apparently at around 5:00, the Sunday morning before Christmas, the six alleged vandals walked into the store, grabbed various bottles of brightly colored paint, and began randomly spraying and pouring it on clothing items as they rampaged through the aisles. Amateur video shot on an iPhone shows the damage done (see video below)

Kinsey detailed the events:

“Employees say they had to step in to stop the vandals, but not before they did $7000 worth of damage.

“Police say they have four of the six suspects in custody, the oldest is 20, the youngest is only twelve years old. They are apparently perusing surveillance video to attempt to identify and locate the remaining two suspects.”

While one is tempted to consider the political and social backlash Walmart has received in recent months (i.e, Workers Die In Bangladesh Factory While Making Clothes For Walmart And Others; Walmart Ends Insurance For New Employees, Conservatives Blame ObamacareWalmart Declined Fire Protection For Bangladesh Factory) it remains to be seen if this paint attack is an act of political protest…or just the work of some misguided hooligans creating merchandise mayhem.

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