Randi Zuckerberg Victim Of Facebook’s FUBAR Privacy Settings


To quote Mashable, “Lovers of irony take note:  Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi has complained about a Facebook privacy breach.”

It seems that the Randi Zuckerberg is the new Princess of Privacy, and was none too pleased when one of her personal family photos was circulated on Twitter and Facebook. How was her photo obtained? Did someone hack her account?!?


She posted it herself on Facebook, to her friends ONLY. Supposedly. The photo shows Randi and her family, including bro Mark and his pooch “Beast”, reacting to the new Poke app. Apparently middle-aged Facebook users aren’t the only ones who find it confusing to try to navigate the constantly changing Facebook privacy settings.

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One of Zuckerberg’s Facebook subscribers, Callie Schweitzer, a director of marketing and projects at VoxMedia, saw the photo come through her newsfeed because she is friends with Randi Zuckerberg’s sister, who was tagged in the photo. Photos that are tagged are visible to friends of every person tagged in the photo, not just the friends of the person who posts the photo. Schweitzer found the photo endearing, and shared it with friends on Twitter.

Well, Ms. Zuckerberg didn’t like it one bit. She tweeted: “@cschweitz: Not sure where you got this photo. I posted it only to friends on FB. You reposting it on Twitter is way uncool.”

Schweitzer, a class act, politely tried to explain her actions, and Zuckerberg very graciously accepted her apology, but later tweeted a lessen to all of us about human decency: “Digital etiquete: always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly. It’s not about privacy settings  it’s about human decency”

Here is what’s irritating to those of us who live and/or work in the social media world. Instead of blaming the complicated privacy features of the platform that her brother created, she’s blaming the person who, with nothing but positive intentions, shared the photo. Her outrage makes her look out of touch with the privacy concerns that people have been screaming about for years. She’d have been better served to just laugh the incident off or ignore it completely.

The sheer audacity of this whole situation was best explained by Dan Lyons on ReadWrite Social:

Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, speak to us about human decency.

Because a photo that you posted on Facebook got shared on the Internet.

How awful this must have been for you! How… invasive. What a violation. How terrible that someone might take something that belongs to you and use it in ways that you had not anticipated, and for which you had not given explicit permission!

What kind of world are we living in when just because you post something on a website someone else can just take your stuff and do things with it?

Oh wait.

The Twitter conversation between Zuckerberg and Schweitzer has since been deleted.


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