Meet The Man Kerry Is Backing To Replace Him As Senator


Meet Ed Markey, of Massachusettes 7th district, which he has represented since 1976. He is now the candidate for the special election to replace Senator John Kerry after Kerry’s appointment to the Secretary of State position being vacated by Hillary Clinton. But the question the nation is now asking is this: who is Ed Markey?

Markey was born in Malden, MA in 1946 to an Irish Catholic family. He went to school in the state, graduating from Boston College Law School in 1972. The district he now represents still holds Malden within it. His roots run very deep for his home state.

The district he represents, Massachusetts 7th, has long been one to produce notable members of government. It has served former Governors and Senators. Even the first commissioner of the unified Internal Revenue Service, George S. Boutwell, served as the congressman from this district. He has never won with less than 62% of the vote for his home district.

Ed has written or sponsored many key pieces of legislation in his tenure of office. His legislation has included bills to secure air cargo, to protect the clean air and water act, measures aimed to protect children online, and many others. Pressure from Markey was instrumental in the installation of a video feed for the BP Deepwater Horizon oil drill disaster. Markey was highly critical of the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions approval of new nuclear facilities in the United States. He co-wrote the American Clean Energy and Security Act. And, he was one of 31 House members to refuse to accept the Ohio results for the 2004 election.

He is a member of the progressive caucus and proudly wears the label of liberal. He was widely considered a likely candidate to replace Ted Kennedy, but passed at that time. His decision to run this time came as little surprise. While some potential opponents cheered his entry, a man who has won so handily for so long, with a regular campaign every election (he has had an opponent for 11 out of 17 total races) he is not an opponent to dismiss as easily as the GOP is apparently so doing. In addition, he comes with a sizable campaign war chest already in place, and the mechanism to fundraise for him still running.

Markey is expected to face off against failed GOP former Senator Scott Brown should he make it through the primary. With Kerry’s endorsement today, things are looking up for the Malden native. In his endorsement today, Senator Kerry had these words to share:

As Massachusetts’ senior senator today and as a colleague of Ed Markey’s for 28 years, I’m excited to learn of and support his decision to run for the United States Senate. Ed’s one of the most experienced and capable legislators in the entire Congress and it would be an almost unprecedented occasion for such an accomplished legislator to join the Senate able to hit the ground running on every issue of importance to Massachusetts.

Kerry was joined in his endorsement by Vicki Kennedy, the widow of the late Senator Ted Kennedy.


Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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