New Game Console Ships To Developers Today (VIDEO)

In July this year, a surprise showed up on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with the announcement of the Ouya Video Game Console.

The console itself will not compete against the giants from Sony and Microsoft, but it’s not aiming to do so, either. Instead, its focus is on the independent game developer, not the major game studios. With the rise of independent game studios in the past several years, there are now more independent game titles on the market than major. The independents are even making waves on a large scale, with games such as Journey being nominated for Game of the Year by Spike TV. The result is, these new game companies are churning out more content, and the current gatekeepers for them on your television, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, have been able to pick and chose which ones are made available, and which ones are not.

Ouya aims to bypass their status as gatekeepers in much the same way in which video streaming devices such as Roku and Boxee Box enabled customers to bypass their cable companies. Its creators aim to offer, for under $100, a comparable gaming experience to the one you’d find with the larger game consoles. It does this in several ways, most notably through the focus on the Oyua’s online content model. This enabled the elimination of features found on other game consoles which are now redundant.

Ouya has now shipped 1,600 machines to developers aiming to release software for the systems release in March. Their website has several large game companies already signed up to deliver content for the little box as well. The future is uncertain for any company which has as its goal to tackle on industry giants such as Microsoft and Sony, but based on the popular feedback and excitement already growing around the little box, it’s definitely off to a good start.

Happy gaming. And if you’re a developer, you can expect to witness something similar to this shortly:


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