Sandy Hook Shooting ‘Worst Day Of My Presidency’ Obama Says (VIDEO)

Newton Tragedy Statement, 12/14

Newton Tragedy Statement, 12/14

As writers and media sources compile and publish the traditional “best and worst” lists in honor of the passing year, it what is likely to be the most poignant and painful item to appear on the lists of many is also the number one “worst” for the President of the United States.

As the Congress stays focused in the remaining two days of 2012 on the economic matters well known and discussed (yes, that would be the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling), the country’s attention has remained on the issue of gun control; as reported by NPR, even since the Sandy Hook massacre of December 14th, there have been 242 gun deaths in the United States. That stunning reality makes the continued discussion of “what to do about guns?” necessary and urgent.

“My response is something has to work,” the president said. “And it is not enough for us to say, ‘This is too hard, so we’re not going to try.’ So what I intend to do is I will call all the stakeholders together. I will meet with Republicans. I will meet with Democrats. I will talk to anybody.” [Source]

See video of 12.30.12 “Meet the Press” interview:




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