Trump Urges GOP To Reckless Behavior On Debt Ceiling Negoiations

Donald Trump 2

With the fiscal cliff looming ever so largely in our very immediate future, it seems everyone has found the need to chime in with their prediction of doom and gloom…why should Donald Trump be any different?

Always outspoken and quite often hilarious, ‘The Donald’ has always been a source of amusement for this liberal and his take on the fiscal cliff doesn’t disappoint. In a recent statement, Trump wanted to make sure his fellow radical Republicans were well aware of what his has tagged the “nuclear option.”

He is referring to the debt ceiling talks. Trump maintains that the debt ceiling talks is what the Republicans should hold over liberals’ heads to get what they want in the fiscal cliff debate.

Talking on the always “fair and balanced” Fox and Friends (as reported by, Trump declared:

“The whole thing, the whole charade going on in Washington is politically irresponsible; what’s going on is unbelievable, that a deal can’t be made with these people sitting around for years talking about – we’re not talking about over the last week, we’re talking about for years they’ve been talking about the subject, they still can’t make a deal. What it shows is no leadership in Washington, we have no leadership, and it’s totally irresponsible for this country.”

How nice of him to point out the inability of his Republican cronies to help President Obama get the job done.

He continues.

“Look, the Republicans are sitting there with a nuclear weapon, so to speak,” Trump said. “They have the debt ceiling coming up. They can use that as part of negotiations, and they should.”

He went on to educate the GOP further by stating that forcing the Dems into another debt ceiling debate would have impact.:

It would “be devastating for Democrats if Republicans want to play that card. Republicans have tremendous chips on their side…they should use the debt ceiling to make a great deal.”

It’s hard to believe that a compromise can’t be reached with those kind of great ideas getting handed to GOP leadership.