McCain Takes Trumps Advice – Promises Debt Ceiling Showdown (VIDEO)

john-mccain-wiki_792529cJohn McCain has confirmed via CNN that he and his GOP buddies plan to take the advice of Donald Trump, which I reported on here, and practice what is at its core “financial terrorism.”

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, McCain let loose with the info that the GOP plans to hold America hostage and demand massive entitlement cuts (Medicare, Social Security) in order to consider the raising of the debt ceiling. Please remember that raising the debt ceiling does not give the government any authority to spend any more money, it only gives them permission to pay bills already accrued. If America defaults on its bills economic turmoil is sure to ensue.

Think Progress published the following exchange:

WOLF BLITZER: Are you going to use the raising of the debt ceiling in February or March, Senator McCain, as leverage to get what you want from the president?

McCAIN: I think there’s gonna be a whole new field of battle [laughs] when the debt ceiling rolls around. Most of us have pledged that we’re gonna have to… before we vote again to address the debt ceiling — even though it may be at great political cost — we’ve got to address spending, and that means entitlements. We’ve got to sit down together and get us back on a path… look, we just added, what was it, $2.1 trillion in the last increase in the debt ceiling, and spending continues to go up. I think there’s gonna be a pretty big showdown the next time around when we go to the debt [limit].

So it appears that the Republicans are going to drink Trump’s Kool-Aid and once again drive the American economy to the edge.

Here is the complete segment from CNN: