NRA Backs Deregulation Of Silencers Following Sandy Hook Massacre


Adding even more credence to the fact that the National Rifle Association just don’t get it comes a story via that has sickened me almost as much as all the innocents dying at Sandy Hook.

Instead of promoting and encouraging gun control that would keep the Adam Lanza’s of the world from getting their hands on military grade assault weapons, the NRA instead believes the larger problem is the hearing loss that can result from being so close to the discharge of these high powered weapons.

Yeah, that’s bile you taste in the back of your throat.

The article quotes the magazine Gun World as follows:

“One only has to look at children in the rest of the world learning to shoot with silencers, protecting their tender young ears, to see what an innocent safety device we are talking about here, to use an overworked propaganda phrase, legalize silencers ‘for the sake of the children.’”

Of course the NRA has to chime in on such a hot button issue and they strongly believe that America must “move to eliminate the laws, regulations and policies that discourage or prohibit suppressor use.”

I found it hard to believe, but the use of silencers is already currently legal in 40 states with a permit.  As it stands right now, the process is a bit difficult — and rather expensive with a $200 fee required for consideration — one that the NRA would obviously like to see made considerably easier.

Can you imagine how many more children could have died at Sandy Hook if the shots going off in the halls would have been suppressed?  I don’t know about you, but I think it should be the other way around — something needs to be invented that makes privately owned firearms sound like a thunderclap when used.  We need more warning, not less.