World Net Daily Declares Michele Bachmann ‘Woman Of The Year’

At the end of the year, many magazines and websites will post their idea of person of the year. Time Magazine ran with US President Barack Obama, GQ has Chris Hemsworth, and apparently even North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has won that distinction. But wait, from the dark corner of World Net Daily comes their choice for man, or rather woman of the year, Michele Bachmann:

For her extraordinary dedication to America’s founding principles and steadfast defense of the Constitution, WND has named Rep. Michele Bachmann 2012 “Woman of the Year.”

Of course they must be referring to a different America than the one we learned of in civics class. But, this is not all, as they also said:

Bachmann is a gutsy, pro-life fiscal conservative who dared to vote against raising the debt ceiling. She’s a God-fearing, gun-loving advocate of tax cuts and domestic oil drilling – and has proven to be one of Obamacare’s worst nightmares.

Worst nightmare huh? An ineffective legislator who spent so much time campaigning for president last year that she almost lost her seat in congress. For some reason I don’t think the president was quaking in his boots. But WND was not finished, and to continue what they had to say:

WND’s “Woman of the Year” award is presented to the woman who “did the most to represent goodness, womanliness, perseverance and character” and “had an impact on wider American, and global opinion.”

One must wonder how the writer of this kept going with a straight face.

However, it appears Bachmann had some strong competition:

Runners-up for the honor included Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer; Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers; Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany and party leader of the Christian Democratic Union; and Phyllis Schlafly, a guiding light conservative movement and recipient of WND’s 2012 “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Well, against these folk, of course Bachmann came out on top.

All World Net Daily did was to demonstrate how far out of the mainstream they are. The only reason Bachmann is in office is because she serves a gerrymandered district which, literally, wraps around democratic strongholds in order to give a solid republican seat. Ms. Bachmann has done her job so badly that she nearly lost this guaranteed, safe seat. That alone should disqualify her from even an honorable mention even from the most right-wing magazine.

But, at least she stayed up last night awaiting a chance to vote for the fiscal cliff deal unlike the rest of the house which went home even as the senate finalized a deal. Perhaps Bachmann is eyeing the Speakers chair, as some have speculated.

This move by WND is either a manner of courting favor, or an attempt to push the Congresswoman from Minnesota into a position of power within the Republican Party. In the end, we likely are witnessing the first moves of the 2016 election already shaping up.

So, here’s to you, Michele Bachmann, WND’s Woman of the Year.


Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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