Glenn Beck Will Fire Employees Who Mention Obama’s Name

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Glenn Beck is at it again. Besides the announcement that he and actor Vince Vaughn are teaming up for a new reality TV show (now THAT’s one for the WTH files, isn’t it?), Glenn hasn’t been in the headlines much lately. Other things have been overshadowing him, so I was delighted to stumble upon a video clip of his show on The Blaze.

If you work for Glenn Beck and mention President Barack Obama’s name, you’re fired.

“This is in effect,” Beck warned his staff, in all seriousness. “Anybody who brings him up — unless it’s me — is fired…”

He admitted that the new policy is “pretty harsh,” but in his mind, calling the President “that man” or referring to him as “O” is his way of putting “safety first.” He likened the mentioning of the president’s name to welding and says that a person won’t “do welding without your welding helmet thing.” He reiterated (ad nauseam) “You’re not going to mention that man’s name or play his audio.

Executive Producer Stu Burguiere probed for clarity. “Hopefully I have some immunity here if I say this incorrectly, but can we say the president did, blah blah blah, the president said….”

Beck quickly interrupted and said, “No, we can refer to him as ‘that man’.”

He called up his solid childhood teachings and his mother’s wisdom and said, “I’m also going to go with what my mother used to say: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So, there you go. I’ve said everything I have to say about that man.”

There is a chalkboard in the studio that says that Team Beck has gone 18 days without hearing “that guy”s” voice, and 18 days without mentioning “that guy.” Burguiere pointed out that they had been on vacation for all of those 18 days, to which Beck rebutted, “Safety is job one, and we have to be honest here, let’s not be one of those companies that never change those signs.”

Beck doesn’t seem to have the same disgust for the vice-president. “You can allude to him [the president], you can play Joe Biden, but I can’t take that man’s [the president] voice, I don’t want to hear him, I don’t want to know about him. I don’t….you want that information? Go anyplace else, there’s (sic) thousands of outlets now, you can have all that information you want, I’m not talking about ‘that man’ anymore. Not gonna do it.”

An unseen staff-member could be heard comparing the president to Voldemort, to which Beck responded, “Oh yeah, he that shall not be named. Why summons that?” Beck did say that if anyone can possibly find something genuinely positive to say, that he would “be easy about that one,” but cautioned that if it’s a “jam in, jokey thing,” they’d be out the door.

What if callers mention “that man’s” name? Beck stated that the call will be dumped.

Asked how long he can go without mentioning the president’s name, Beck replied, “I think I can last the rest of my life.”  I wonder if President Obama should maybe send him a thank you card? I know that I’m going to. Well, an email. I shan’t waste a stamp on Glenn Beck.

The reader comments in the Raw Story article are fascinating. Readers have devoted a lot of time to trying to narrow down and diagnose Beck’s precise mental illness diagnosis. Schizotypal personality disorder? Paranoid personality disorder? Narcissistic deluded moron? Who cares? What if it’s multiple things? Let’s throw the hardcover volume of the DSM IV at him, along with a truckload of psychotropic meds.

There was a lot of laughing going on during this video clip, and a lot of jest. Is he serious? Being silly?  I don’t know. I keep going back to his very, very straight face at the beginning of the video. If my paycheck were coming from this lunatic (I pray I never be in such a position), I’d take him at his word.

Here is the video from The Blaze, broadcast Jan. 2  2013.


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