Author Of Virginia’s Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill Is Back With Four More Anti-Abortion Bills


Virginia. The land of Jefferson.  Home to Presidents, beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, some of the best wineries in the nations … truly, Virginia is for lovers.


Rejected Virginia Tourism Slogan, courtesy of

As long as you can get past the perpetual Republican attacks on women and maybe, if the men in charge are feeling plucky, a little state-sponsored rape few unwanted medical procedures.


“Attacks on women, but only because picking on the blacks fell out of style.”

There’s always a catch.

Not to be outdone after a gang-buster year in 2012, State Del. Bob Marshall, Virginia’s He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, is following up his landmark mandatory transvaginal ultrasound legislation and a fetal person-hood bill that was too much for even other Republicans to support with a flurry of new anti-abortion bills designed to … well, I’m not sure.  This guy just really dislikes abortion. As reported by The Huffington Post, three would allow insurance companies to deny contraception coverage to women (Viagra is most assuredly still coverable), while a fourth would make it criminal to perform sex-selective abortions, something even the conservative-dominated US House of Representatives wasn’t able to get enough votes to pull off.

Just for icing on the cake, Virginia State Sen. Thomas A. Garrett (who has also chump-tastically been a supporter of Voter ID, even though the GOP admits that voter fraud isn’t really a thing) has lobbed out a bill that would keep Medicaid from paying for abortions in cases “in which a physician certifies … that the fetus would be born with a gross and totally incapacitating physical deformity or mental deficiency.”

Back to Marshall, though, the Delegate who thinks gays aren’t fit to be judges and has said that children with disabilities are punishment to parents who’ve had abortions in the past. His new legislation is nothing more than a massive intrusion on doctor-patient confidentiality and, as noted by HuffPo, could lead to racial profiling as doctors look to screen out potential gender-selective abortion candidates by race, particularly those from nations where the practice actually exists.


Del. Bob Marshall, a conservatives obsessed with homosexuality and abortion, which means even money that his own past is loaded with both.

This, unfortunately, isn’t the first big of bad news for choice advocates in the Old Dominion this year, as the arrival of 2013 also rang in a host of new restrictions and requirements on the commonwealth’s 20 abortion clinics, requiring them to install massive upgrades and ‘improvements’ on their facilities, in the name of being regulated like hospitals (as opposed to the out-patient facilities they actually are), in what is a very poorly disguised effort to financially burden them enough to force closure.

Things will likely get worse in Virginia before they get better.  With the man dubbed “Viriginia’s Todd Akin,” Attorney General Ken “Keep Innocent Men in Prison and Death to Obamacare” Cuccinelli pulling out all the stops in his bid for the Governor’s mansion, things could get very dark in Virginia for a long time to come.  Liberals won big in 2012, but the fight is far from over.

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