Democratic Response To Pelosi Dog Insult: Issue Tea Party Membership Cards To Freshmen In Congress

Freshman members of Congress typically have a tough time. This year however, the National Republican Congressional Committee took it one step too far, and directly called anyone who was a Democrat a Pelosi Lap Dog. This is highly insulting, but instead of dropping to the Republican’s low levels – but not ignoring the insult which would present the Democratic caucus as weak – the Democrats responded by issuing Tea Party Membership Cards:

tea party membership card

The “membership card” in question points out the hypocrisy of these tea baggers in the first place. They seek to deny to others what they themselves enjoy. They strive to attack the foundation upon which this nation is built; attempt to tear down the American government through obstruction, disruption, and destruction.

Rather than insulting to a group who deserve it, the Democratic Party is poking holes in the bottom of the boat with which the Teapublicans are sailing. They already know they can’t win the White House without engaging in widespread voter disenfranchisement. That doesn’t matter, however; so long as they continue to worship Grover Norquist and Wayne LaPierre, they will keep being re-elected in their custom designed hyper-partisan districts.

The Tea Party Membership Card is a simple reminder of the absurdity of their platform. Instead of attacking a person, or insulting someone as a “lap dog,” the Democrats have gone on the attack against the ideology which drives the opposition. By putting into plain language the absurdity of their positions, it brings about some kind of dialogue. It is doubtful that these freshman members of Congress will change anything, but it still is important to keep up the dignity and respect of the office. Calling someone a “lap dog” does nothing but insult the opposition. The Democrats in this case have demonstrated why it is that they continue to pull in more voters in elections. The Democrats in Congress represent far more people who voted in the last election than the Republicans, and the GOP needs the subtle reminder that they are not in control, they only have a temporary grip on power, until the Democratic election machine grinds them up in 2014

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.
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