House Adjourns Without Approving Sandy Relief; Representatives Booed (VIDEO)

Photo of Bianca Ambrosia and family grinning amidst the wreckage.

Photo from Rockaway Queens, NY resident Bianca Ambrosia’s account of Hurricane Sandy and her neighborhood’s slow recovery, as told to Occupy Sandy’s Storyline, a fascinating collection of first-hand stories, impressions, and recollections from the plucky residents of storm-struck areas.

Amidst loud boos Thursday evening when the new US House of Representatives adjourned without voting on a high-profile Relief Bill for communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy in late October — Congress FINALLY agreed to vote on a limited aid package this Friday. According to CNN, the amount being considered is far less than what affected communities asked for: “Lawmakers will consider $9 billion in immediate assistance for flood insurance and will weigh another $51 billion in broader aid on January 15.”

Over the past forty years — as best shown by the Bush II administration’s miserably slow and brutally parsimonious response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — the Republican Party has increasingly morphed into a Bizarro World version of the iconic State Farm Insurance advertisements: Like a bad neighbor, they’re never there (at least not when disaster strikes). But, if you’re a person of color attempting to vote, a person planning to marry your same-sex partner, a tan guy sporting a hoodie, or a woman seeking healthcare — WATCH OUT! — these ‘small government’ enthusiasts will suddenly be ALL OVER you and your personal business like the greasy residue from Michele Bachmann’s County Fair corn dog.

In 2013, the Republican party doesn’t even bother to pretend it cares about helping anyone who isn’t rich, and seems intent on telling all the Northeastern coastal communities still recovering from damages inflicted by Hurricane Sandy that they can go screw themselves. Congressman Peter King (R-NY) and rising GOP star New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are frothing with rage as they protest the lack of help extended towards their beleaguered states.

But … what did they expect? For anti-government, small-budget, “starve-the-beast” fanatics to suddenly start thinking it’s important for us to help each other, and to miraculously decide that some tasks are better handled by an elected government than by a private sector exclusively motivated by profit, or — worse — not handled at all?

It’s about time that the few semi-rational individuals left in the Republican Party start thinking about what their chosen party really stands for. As far as this writer can tell, the GOP stands for tax cuts for the wealthy; draconian cuts to useful programs that barely make a dent in the budget; rolling back equal rights gained by women, gays, and people of color; giving more money to the military; accelerating climate change; de-funding public education … and pretty much nothing else. Furthermore, GOP leaders and spokespeople have been extremely upfront about their vile and unappealing agenda.

I look at Republicans like King and Christie, and want to scream, “WHAT?! You’re just starting to notice that your political party is totally evil NOW?!”

One Does Not SImply Help People When You Are A Republican.

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Yeah, good freakin’ luck.

You can see the video from ABC News here:

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