Aurora Hostage Situation Ends With Four Dead (VIDEO)

Video screenshot from news report on Aurora home shooting, 1.5.13.

Video screenshot from news report on Aurora home shooting, 1.5.13.

It was only six months ago that a mass shooting inside a movie theater derailed the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado, and Aurora residents have been hit once again with gun violence. At 8:18 a.m on Saturday morning, 9News confirmed via Twitter that a hostage situation lasting several hours had ended with four people dead inside this Aurora townhouse.

The SWAT team was called in by Police Sergeant Cassidee Carlson after gunshots were reported at approximately 3:00 a.m. The four dead include the gunman, unidentified at this time, and his three victims. The three victims were dead at the scene by the time police arrived. One woman, believed to be the wife of the gunman, was able to escape uninjured by jumping out of a second-story window, reports 9News. Accounts are suggesting that she is the person who alerted the authorities, but police have not yet given details about her escape.

After hours of negotiation attempts, police entered the home at 8:15 a.m. Attempts to lure the man out by telling him his wife was outside were unsuccessful, according to Matt Flener9News anchor and reporter. The gunman refused to leave the townhouse even after tear gas was used.

The suspect fired at the officers twice, first around 8:00 a.m, and then at 9:00 a.m.:

He was “presumably” (source: Matt Flener) killed by the SWAT team 45 minutes later when the officers entered the home. The names and ages of the victims have not been released, but all of the victims have been confirmed to be adults. The motive for the shootings is unknown at this time.

“We’re just getting in there with our crime scene detectives, so obviously we’ll have to determine if it was our rounds or his rounds,” Carlson said. “This is a big investigation, and a lot is entailed.”

The latest update suggests that the gunman had been awake for four days, according to a neighbor.

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